LaBella prides itself on providing the finest services from the most talented and educated staff. It does this through its services, staff, exclusive products and team education.

Services - LaBella is a full service, upscale salon that offers hair, nail and waxing services. Each and every service is important to LaBella Salon, so each service is performed by a talented and educated staff member that excels at that specific procedure.

Staff - Chrisoula LaBella only selects the most talented staff members to be part of the LaBella team. Each team member has years of training, an eye for creativity and an unparalleled passion for their craft. LaBella Salon has four nail technicians and 6 stylists on staff.

Exclusive Products - LaBella offers numerous products that are exclusive to the salon and the area. All these products and services are the preeminent products and services in today's beauty industry. These special products and services require training and education to perform and education that you will only find in a LaBella staff member.

Education - LaBella Salon is second to none because of its focus on education. Chrisoula LaBella believes in continuously training and educating her staff on the newest techniques and products in the beauty industry. All staff members go to annual training sessions in New York City and take four classes a year based on specific techniques and services.

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