The Perfect Mix

Shake It Up with Color
The Art and Science of Style
At LaBella Salon, you aren't just coming in for a cut or a color. You are being treated to a personalized experience. The first step, a complimentary consultation with your stylist, is going to be the foundation of your new look.

Through this initial interaction, a rough outline will begin to develop. It may be that you love your hair and just need some maintenance. Perhaps you adore the cut, but think the color washes you out. The color works, but it takes forever to style every day. You basically like your hair, but think it needs a little pop. Or that momentous occasion when you want to start fresh and every option is on the table.
Here is where the stylist’s expertise is the key. There are options; lots of options. This is the moment where art meets science. The texture and thickness of your hair, the shape of your face, your complexion and your lifestyle are analyzed to identify the best cuts, colors and textures for you.

How are the stylists at LaBella so knowledgeable?
The professionals at LaBella are passionate about keeping current on emerging trends, techniques and products to provide expert guidance as you discover your new look. Team members engage in quarterly training on the newest techniques and products. Through continuing education, LaBella is on the cutting edge of the beauty industry and its clients can be confident they are getting the expert service they deserve.

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